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Author Shae Pratcher

My name is Shae’vada Pratcher but known to many as Shae. I was born in Fairbanks, AK, but grew up in many states, being a military brat. I am co-founder and part owner of Limitless Light Productions Studios LLC.


I made a name for myself in relation to radio through my podcast segment, “Let’s Talk”, under the umbrella of “Finding My Way Network”, which broadcasted internationally. I was also a part of Atlanta’s V1075 Radio Station Ministry with my show, “Praying Partners”, where I encouraged, uplifted, and motivated many with my content.

Knowing WHY is important & MY WHY is simple... "Healed people should help people."

Highway To Healing

The inspiration for writing my first nonfiction book is to change the narrative of breaking free from trauma. My family deserved to experience the better parts of me not just the broken parts.


My purpose is to encourage and empower others to embark on their own healing journey so they too can experience an immeasurable level of peace and joy that comes with it.

“It is what it is... until you do something different.”

~ Shae Pratcher ~

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Highway To Healing Is A Powerful Multi - Award Winning Inspirational/Motivational/Self - Help Book That Has The Power To Uplift The Masses!!!
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“Highway to Healing is a must read. Thank God for your testimony, it is very inspiring. I have had many years of holding back and not letting go of the past. A people pleaser and all. Thanks be to God and reading your book has made me realize I have to find me to get the real healing. Thank you so much for allowing God to lead you to write Highway to Healing. I enjoyed it so much. ❤❤❤”

“A courageous account of the authors path toward healing. It provides an emotional journey into her past and and offers inspiration for us all to start our own path towards healing. If you’re looking for hope, strength, and faith that you too can heal from your past….this is the book for you!”


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